Your Personalized Map to Holistic Health

Healing Haylee

provides a realistic way to incorporate affordable and preventative healthcare into your 21st century lifestyle. We will find small, effective and achievable adjustments for your diet and life that will have profound effects on your energy, perspective, and productivity.

The Process


We identity the root cause of your concerns and then build a foundation of schedule, diet, and lifestyle elements to grow from.


We balance according to the changing seasons & stressors. This helps you discover how to respond to shifting factors & keep yourself in balance.


You will understand your unique relationship to Ayurveda & the natural world and have the ability to thrive throughout the rest of your life!

Benefits of

Preventative Holistic Health with Healing Haylee

All of the puzzle pieces of your well being are put into a clear picture.

A complete comprehensive roadmap to your personal health goals.

Healing modalities are offered through your 5 senses to support your body, mind and spirit.

You are provided with diet, lifestyle and activities that are unique to your personal needs to increase vitality.

A Holistic wellness program that fits into your busy schedule. 

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