Why Haylee

My mission is to shine a light on the ways you can embody your unique preventative medicine without ever needing to buy a thing.


We have been told when we get sick that something is wrong and needs fixed - and that fixing happens with a supplement, pill or even a crystal. In reality we have all the healing capacity inside ourselves, in our foods and in the natural world. 

This is not to reject the benefits of medicine - but a call to action to look at your health with a wider lens.

Haylee became a Seasonal Wellness Guide because she believes in accessible alternate routes for our health.

How do we begin?

We have everything we need at our fingertips. Our bodies, foods, breath and senses are our ways in and out of balance. It is simply knowing what to use when!


The roadmap to balance is in nature. When we can see how the 5 elements are at play in our world, we can also recognize how they are at play in our bodies. This is the bigger picture that our healthcare system forgets - we are empowered when we are able to see the whole picture and then decide what aspects of western medicine we want to engage with. 


A practice that shows the elements at play clearly is Ayurveda - This is the oldest medical system from India that gave our world the roadmap to all of our health practices today. This, along with trauma sensitive yoga, somatics and an artist lens are what I employ in our educational offerings.

1. Accessibility

2. Collaborative Curiosity 

3. Joy 

4. Integrity

5. Agency 

Our Values


  • Holistic Health Counseling Certification: Ayurveda's World, NYC under the direction of Dr. Naina Merbella

  • Foundations of Meditation: The Inner Strength Foundation

  • BFA in Dance: The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training: The Yoga Garden, Philadelphia, PA.

  • Pediatric Yoga Certification: Summit Education

  • Trauma Sensitive yoga for adolescence: Transformation Yoga Project

  • 150-hour Advanced Training: Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

  • Foundations of Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Transformation Yoga Project

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide accessible tools and education so that you can be an active agent in your healthcare. I empower folks to live a long, vibrant life with tools that come from their body & their kitchen. I draw from knowledge afforded to me from my class privilege and that comes to me from lineages that are not my own. I am committed to giving back to support Dalit Liberation and Black & Brown Farmers on the Lenni Lenape land I occupy.

Vision Statement

My vision is a world that integrates holistic modalities in the main stream healthcare system (*gasp* for FREE) AND uplifts the cultures that have been impacted from the commodification of their practices. I am dreaming of a world that exists outside of capitalistic greed and is centered on people and their needs, wants and desires. 

*This is the vision and I am discovering the ways it can become a reality, while navigating the world we currently live in. 

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