Why Healing Haylee

Healing Haylee is one of the few holistic health counselors in Philadelphia using the life science of Ayurveda. She has a unique way of teaching this ancient science that centers accessibility, personal agency and nurturing accountability.


Haylee began this journey because she was frustrated with the limited view of western medical doctors, but overwhelmed by the vast amount of information on holistic practices. She was looking for a way to zoom out and gain perspective so that she could zoom in with confidence and clarity. That is when she found Ayurveda.

Haylee became an Ayurvedic holistic health counselor because she believes healthcare can be made simple.

Why Ayurveda?

Haylee chose Ayurveda because it is adaptable for every person, season and circumstance. Ayurveda is the oldest medical system written in the vedas. It is still around today because it works! It just requires commitment and curiosity. There are a lot of popular fads and quick-fix approaches to health that can make us feel good for a short time, but usually we end up back where we started. What Healing Haylee offers is a continuous dynamic relationship to one’s own health that requires self analysis and sensitivity to the natural world around you. 

I hope to bring you into touch with your unique needs and inspire you to change your relationship towards your healing journey.

1. Accessibility

2. Collaborative Curiosity 

3. Joy 

4. Integrity

5. Agency 

Our Values


Haylee compliments her Ayurvedic knowledge and training with Yoga, Meditation and Art.

  • Holistic Health Counseling Certification: Ayurveda's World, NYC under the direction of Dr. Naina Merbella

  • Foundations of Meditation: The Inner Strength Foundation

  • BFA in Dance: The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training: The Yoga Garden, Philadelphia, PA.

  • Pediatric Yoga Certification: Summit Education

  • Trauma Sensitive yoga for adolescence: Transformation Yoga Project

  • 150-hour Advanced Training: Palo Santo Wellness Boutique

  • Foundations of Trauma Sensitive Yoga: Transformation Yoga Project

Healing Haylee's Mission

Healing Haylee brings clarity to your holistic health using the life science of Ayurveda. Her mission is to make holistic wellness accessible and comprehensive. Living with intention and finding balance can feel easy; understanding the Ayurvedic lens is what opens the gate to your journey. 


 Curiosity is the foundation for radical transformation.

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