Finding Balance with Nature

An Ayurvedic Intensive

This ayurveda program guides you through 2 seasons to find your unique balance. We meet every other Wednesday evening to learn how tools of Ayurveda to thrive in every season.

Who this

is for

This is for people looking to learn and reflect about the subtle & profound aspects of their life. This is an excellent program for those who struggle with seasonal changes. We will be covering a lot of ground! Every session we will be diving into a new aspect of our experience and applying an ayurvedic lens to it. Questions are one of the best ways we can learn and there will be time in every session to dig deeper. This will be a supportive community to grow with over the 2 seasons. I am excited to have folks who embrace their healing journey with open arms and are excited to share their discoveries with others.

What we will learn

Discover your possible dosha & imbalance
Learn how to view the seasons through an ayurvedic lens
Learn what seasonal foods are best for each of us uniquely
Create a mantra to help us balance
Understand how color affects our well being (especially in our clothing)
Curate the scents we use to feel our best or change our mood.
Create an individualized optimal morning and night routine
Practice self massage
Try a autumn detox that includes all 3 meals
Build a supportive group environment that helps us stay accountable

Join us for our upcoming Intensive!

This is an Ayurveda Intensive to guide you through Summer into Autumn. Discover your dosha, create individual ayurvedic food plans, routine and discover how our 5 senses can support and guide us into balance for each season. This is a 4 month program of self discovery and clarity.

Every other Wednesday | July 15th - October 21st | 6:30-8:30pm

Vata Retreat (optional in person detox & deepening) Sept 26-27
Every class will be recorded and sent to you in case you can't make a date, or want to review!

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