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I absolutely love working with Haylee. Involving myself in Ayurvedic practices has given me so much more insight into my personality and created a much deeper awareness of myself. I love learning all of the alternative routes to care for myself. Ayurveda is a great way to heal and get in touch with yourself and to relate to the world around you. Haylee provides very easy-to-implement practices for my daily life that really make a huge difference. And even if I don't use them daily, I have these as tools forever to come back to. You will be giving yourself a huge gift by incorporating Ayurveda into your life with Healing Haylee!

-Alexa Ahrem, Business Coach

Haylee portrayed a great amount of knowledge and it was really interesting listening to her insights

-John Templeton Foundation and Gallagher

According to all the feedback I received, it went FABULOUS and everyone loved it and loved Haylee. Haylee was full of energy, and got everyone involved and everyone learned some useful tips, and had a ton of fun while doing it. 

-Javan Engineering

Everybody learned excellent tips to stretch, relax and find focus with Haylee’s Meditation

-Physicians Endoscopy

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